Heather Nova sagt “danke”

Heather Nova bedankt sich bei all denjenigen, die Anteil an ihrem neuen Album haben. Dazu gehören auch ihre Fans.
Auf ihrer Facebook-Seite schrieb sie:

Feeling Grateful!! My new album, Pearl, will be out on Friday (Anm. 28. Juni 2019), and I want to thank everyone who’s been involved in making it.

First of all: YOU! To all of you who supported my pre-order campaign, this wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you for believing in me and my music – it means everything!!❤️? (check your inbox today for a special gift!)

To the amazing musicians who rocked this album; Geoff Dugmore, Midori Jaeger, Vincent Lions, Youth Martin. Thank you for bringing your incredible talent to my songs! ?
(Anm. vergl. http://www.heathernova.de/2018/12/08/blick-ins-studio und http://www.heathernova.de/2018/12/22/blick-ins-studio-fotos-und-videoschnipsel-2/

To Youth for producing the album, to Michael Rendall for engineering and mixing, to Ivan and @casaestudio ?

And finally, to my fantastic management/label team @oddsseymusicnetwork for their ongoing tireless work putting it all together and making sure it all happens. Respect!! ?❤️

Album release is this Friday June 28th. Available at iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc, as well as at record stores and through my website on cd and vinyl www.heathernova.com

Photo by Vincent Lions