Breaking News: Tourdaten 2021 in Deutschland/Europa

12. Februar 2021:
Gerade in diesen Zeiten der globalen Unsicherheiten und Zweifel gewinnt Heather Nova durch ihre Musik neue Hoffnung, weswegen sie im kommenden Herbst in der kleinen Akustik-Besetzung zurück nach Deutschland auf Tour kommen wird.

Heather Nova sagt dazu:

In this time of terrible uncertainty and fear, the one thing we have to hold on to is hope. And through this dark time, one of the things that’s brought us hope and comfort has been music.In light of this, and I do see light at the end of this long and harrowing tunnel, I’m planning to go ahead with my acoustic tour in October & November, (which was already planned before the pandemic).
I know this will be an extra special tour; I have always felt it a privilege to play live concerts, but now the privilege will feel even greater. I hope you share my hope, and that
you will join me, to once again gather together and share music. 

With love and thanks.